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Allen and Page Layers Pellets
Allen and Page Layers Pellets
Allen & Page Natural Free Range Layers Pellets

Small Holder Range Natural Free Range Layers Pellets

Layers Pellets is a complete feed for laying hens, providing essential nutrients to ensure healthy hens and eggs.

Price: From £5.10

o Made using natural ingredients
o Complete feed for laying hens
o Essential vitamins and minerals
o Omega 3 for healthier hens and eggs
o Marigold flowers for rich golden yolks
o Quality Non-GM ingredients
o Approved by Vegetarian Society
o Free from drugs and coccidiostats
o Balances the natural diet of free ranging hens

Allen & Page Layers Pellets contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy flock. They are free from artificial ingredients or yolk pigments to ensure a naturally healthy and balanced diet for your hens. They contain Omega 3 oils to keep your flock in optimum condition and to promote healthy eggs, with strong shells. They also include natural ingredients such as grass and maize, to mimic and complement the diet of a free ranging hen, helping to provide delicious eggs and healthy hens. Marigold petals have been added to naturally give your eggs a rich and healthy yolk colour. You can supplement your hens diet with some treats such as mixed corn to keep them happy and avoid boredom. It is best to feed these separately in the afternoon so that sufficient pellets are eaten to maintain condition.