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Allen & Page Layers Crumble

Small Holder Range Natural Free Range Layers Crumble

Layers Crumble from Allen & Page

Price: From £5.10

• Meal/ Crumble mix
• Complete feed
• Less dust and waste
• Helps to prevent selective feeding
• Non-GM ingredients
• Nutritionally balanced
• Contains Omega 3

Allen & Page have developed a crumble type of complete feed that will help to avoid selective feeding and produce less waste. The Natural Free Range Layers Crumble is nutritionally balanced with all the vital vitamins and minerals to keep your hens healthy. The Layers Crumble can be fed all round and you should allow free access to it at all times.

Available in 20kg and 5kg bag.
Feeding instructions

Free access to the Layers crumble all day. Hens will eat 100 - 150g per day and as their crop only holds about 100g if you wish to feed a treat to your hens this is better fed in the afternoon when they have had sufficient of the complete feed to ensure they have eaten a balanced diet. Always have fresh water available.