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Allen and Page Super Mixed Corn
Allen and Page Super Mixed Corn
Allen & Page Super Mixed Corn

Small Holder Range Super Mixed Corn

Super Mixed Corn contains quality wheat and non-GM maize with added peas, calcium and grit to great a nutritious afternoon treat for your chickens.

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o Contains high quality wheat
o With non-GM maize
o Added peas, calcium and grit
o Promotes strong egg shells
o Supports good digestion
o Healthy and nutritious treat
o Vegetarian Society
o Approved Ideal fed as an afternoon treat

Allen & Page Super Mixed Corn is made using high quality wheat with only non-GM maize creating a naturally delicious and wholesome treat for chickens. Super Mixed Corn also features added calcium and grit, which is necessary for digestive health in poultry and to promote strong good quality egg shells. It also has added peas to provide extra protein and for variety, creating a delicious and healthy treat that already contains essential levels of grit so that you don't have to purchase it separately. It is best to offer treats such as Super Mixed Corn in the afternoon once your birds have consumed the recommended amounts of a suitable complete feed (layers pellets, meal etc.), to ensure they have all the nutrients they need to maintain egg production and good overall condition.

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