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The medium turnout has been one of the most popular weight of turnout rugs for a long time. It is often warm enough for most horses to use throughout the whole of winter as there is also the option to layer underneath if extra warmth is needed. The medium weight range is usually from 200g-250g which is warm enough for most wintery days, especially if your horse or pony isn’t clipped. For clipped horses or ponies on very cold days, you can layer underneath the medium turnout. Layering is the most effect way of trapping heat and adding warmth.

There is the option of standard neck, combo and detachable neck styles. We may also have a seasonal print or two to choose from so check out the new rugs in the medium weight range.


Category: Medium-weight Turnout

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Horseware Amigo Hero Ripstop 600 Med Turnout
Bridleway Ontario Medium Turnout Rug

Horseware Amigo Hero Ripstop Plus Med Turnout

Bridleway Equestrian Ontario Standard Medium Turnout




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