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The heavy-weight turnout rug offers optimum warmth in one rug. There is alwyas the option of layering but a heavy-weight rug saves time having to swap multiple rugs during cold winter days. These warm rugs are perfect for horses in work and clipped horses to replace the warmth lost from removing their coat. Heavy-weight rugs usually range from 300g-450g fill, keeping your horse warm and cosy throughout the cold winter months.

There are a range of brands and styles to choose from, including standard neck, combo and detachable neck designs. Many heavy-weight turnouts also feature tough outers for maximum durability and protection during the most testing temperatures and weather. Take a look at our range of heavy-weight turnouts to find the perfect one for your horse. 


Category: Heavy-weight Turnout

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Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential
Gallop Trojan Combo 350g Turnout Rug

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Combo Heavy

Gallop Trojan Combo 350g/300g Turnout Rug




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