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Fly Roll On Repellents for horses and ponies to help keep flies and midges at bay.

Flies and midges can cause your horse discomfort and irritation throughout spring and summer. They often congregate around your horse’s eyes and ears as well as other sensitive areas. Applying an effective long-lasting repellent can help to deter flies and protect your horse. It is important to be careful and gentle when applying repellents close to sensitive areas such as the face. Roll-on Fly Repellents for horses are perfect for that job!

A roll-on Fly Repellent allows you to apply the repellent more accurately. They are really easy to use and are handy for keeping in your tack box for when you are at a show or simply tacking up to go out for a ride. Apply the roll-on around your horse’s sensitive areas and where they get bothered most by flies to help keep them comfortable and irritation free!



Category: Fly Roll-ons

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Lincoln Fly Repellent Roll On

Lincoln Roll On Fly Repellent



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