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The medium stable rug is a great way to keep your horse warm and cosy in the stable. They usually feature between 200-250g of warm filling and are great for a range of horses. You can layer underneath if extra warmth is required, with something such as a fleece rug or under rug. Stable rugs are also great for preventing stable stains on the areas they cover which is very handy if you are going to a show!

You can choose from standard neck, combo and detachable neck styles to suit your requirements. They also come in a range colours and designs with various features including shoulder gussets, wither protection, anti-rub lining and fillets strings to ensure a great fit and overall comfort. Take a look at our medium stable rug collection to find the perfect one for your horse.


Category: Medium Stable Rug

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Weatherbeeta ComFiTec 210D Channel Quilt Medium std



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