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Chicken Treats

Chandlers Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat is full of delicious ingredients to create a nutritious and healthy treat for your chickens, keeping them happy and entertained every afternoon.

Price: £11.00

• Delicious afternoon treat
• Offers variety in the diet
• Provides entertainment to prevent boredom
• Naturally tasty and nutritious
• Contains mixed poultry grit
• Range of healthy ingredients

Chicken treat is designed to be fed in conjunction with your chickens layers meal or pellets; offer separately as an afternoon treat providing variety to your chickens diet. It can help to alleviate boredom and provide your chickens with something to peck at and scratch around for, which can help to prevent behavioural concerns such as feather pecking.

Chicken Treat is loved by chickens and can help you to create a bond with your chickens as you offer them this nutritious and super delicious treat. It contains added mixed poultry grit, which is essential in your chickens diet to promote strong and healthy egg shells and aid digestion. Some of the other delicious ingredients include raisins, split peas, peanuts and banana chips, all offering extra nutrients, for happy healthy chickens.

Chicken treat is the perfect afternoon snack for your chickens, with lots of very tasty ingredients to keep your chickens happy and healthy, and prevent boredom in the afternoon.


Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Mixed Poultry Grit, Micronized Maize, Black Sunflower, White Millet, Red Dari, Raisins, Split Peas, Banana Chips, Peanuts, Micronized Wheat, Buckwheat, Soya oil.