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Allen and Page Mixed Corns

Small Holder Range Mixed Corn

Allen and Page Mixed Corn is the ideal afternoon treat to keep your hens happy and prevent boredom.

Price: From £4.53

o Ideal afternoon treat
o Relieves boredom
o 85% wheat, 15% maize (non-GM)
o Available in 5kg/20kg bags

Mixed Corn is a tasty snack for poultry. It is recommended to feed the corn in the afternoon to give them something to peck at and relieve boredom. For optimum egg production treats should only be fed in the afternoon, after the chickens have eaten up their nutritional pellets. No more than an egg cup should be fed per bird. Allen & Page Mixed Corn contains only non-GM maize, fora naturally healthy afternoon treat.

Nutritional analysis:
Oil - 2.75%
Protein - 10.0%
Fibre - 3.0%

Wheat, Maize, Expelled Soya Oil.