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Global Herbs Thoroughbred Calmer

Global Herbs HerbalCalm formerly Thoroughbred Calmer

Thoroughbred Calmer is for fine boned horses. You find some breeds of horse need a gentle herbal approach than others.

Price: £26.75

You will find with Thoroughbred Calmer that thoroughbreds respond better in long term with this mix of herbs and without the magnesium that you find in SuperCalm.

Thoroughbred Calmer is a special blend that many horse owners have seen make a difference.

SuperCalm might be an ideal supplement for most horses but Thoroughbred Calmer would be a specific approach for your thoroughbred.

Remember when using this product adjust into their feeding to reduce fuzziness and over excitement.

As with most products expect a little more energy for the first 2-3 days until the chill out nutrients get through.