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Global Herbs RigCalm

Global Herbs RigCalm

RigCalm is to be used for riggy geldings or oversexed stallions and also to be used for good behaviour in your horses.

Price: £32.99

RigCalm is a formula that is designed to help owners with stallions and geldings that show a little too much excitement when in the company of mares.

RigCalm helps calm down male horses and this will help them have a more normal behaviour.

DO NOT USE on stallions intended for breeding in the same year.

RigCalm works very quickly and effectively but can also be used short and long term.

• Useful for oversexed geldings.
• Used for stallions that not used for breeding but in a mares company.
• Colts that have become to difficult to manage.
• Will help horse have a normal behaviour
• Works quickly and effectively.
• Can be used long or short term use.
• Not for stallions tended for breeding in the same year.

Average Horse: 2 scoops TWICE daily (1 scoop once or twice daily maintenance). Large Horses: 3 scoops twice daily.
Small Pony: 1 scoop twice daily.

Introduce gradually into the feed at first, building up to 2 level 25ml scoops TWICE DAILY per 500kg horse. Keep at this level for at least 4-6 weeks. Long term maintenance can be at this full level or approximately half this level or less.