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SP Equine Hormonise

Animal Health Co Hormonise

Hormonise Equine Supplement helps with hormone imbalances easing irritable symptoms associated with PMS in mares and symptoms of cushings.

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• Liquid Chaste Berry Equine Supplement
• Naturally helps with hormonal imbalances
• Prepared to a unique extraction formula
• Eases irritable behaviour
• Can be used in management of Cushings
• Ideal for mares with signs of PMS
• Manufactured in England BETA approved supplement

Hormonise is a chaste berry liquid which has been proven to aid the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to promote their normal hormonal functions. It can be fed to mares that are prone to phantom seasons or suffer with PMS, which can lead to dangerous, unpredictable and irritable behaviour. Hormonise is to be used when your mares are showing signs of irritability when on their season or to be used immediately before.

It helps with hormone balance, easing those common irritable feelings, including sexual behaviour and aggression. It can also be used to help manage other conditions associated with hormone imbalance, such as Cushings Syndrome. If managing Cushings disease daily feeding at a maintenance level will help to ease symptoms.

Hormonise naturally helps to ease hormonal imbalances and can be fed during times of imbalance, around PMS for mares, or long term for other hormone related conditions. A 1 litre bottle of Hormonise will last approximately 25 days when fed at 40ml per day. Composition Water, chaste berry extract Additives Preservatives: Propionic acid (E280), Acetic acid (E260). Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid (E300) Prepared to the unique extraction formula developed by The Animal Health Company. Complementary feed stuff for equines. DO NOT FEED TO PREGNANT MARES.