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Global Herbs Restore Liquid

Global Herbs Restore

Global Herbs Restore is formulated to support the liver and act as a detox to restore good digestion, mobility, appetite and general wellbeing.

Price: From £20.55

o Liver tonic and detoxifier
o Supports digestion for more efficient use of food
o Ideal for horses in poor condition with reduced appetite
o Improves general well-being and suppleness
o Beneficial for competition and older horses
o Aids convalescing for efficient recovery
o Available in liquid and powder
o Can be fed year round or routinely every 3-4 months
o Results can be seen in a matter of days
o Suitable to use with all other Global Herbs products (as advised)

Global Herbs Restore is a natural herbal supplement formulated to support the liver, working as an effective detoxifier and tonic that has many health benefits. The liver is a very complex organ that plays a key role in many vitalfunctions within the body. It primarily supports digestion, allowing your horse to getthe most from their food and rids the body of toxins, acting as a highly effective detoxifier. Restore has been carefully formulated to support the key functions of the liver and so can improve digestion, energy levels, brightness,mobility and overall condition. Restore is ideal for horses that appear to be lethargic and run-down with a dull coat, even though they are receiving a good diet, are wormed up to date and have no other underlying health concerns (always seek veterinary advice if your horse is unwell), helping to restore vitality and get your horse not only looking but feeling well. If your horse isconvalescing, Restore can be of great benefit, under the guidance of your vet (always ask your vet before feeding supplements after injury or illness), as itcan help flush the body of toxins and restore overall well-being for a more successful recovery programme. You can use Global Herbs Restore with many of the other products in the Global Herbs range. It can actually be necessary in achieving optimum results with a number of supplements in the range. The unique formulation improves digestion to ensure optimum absorption of nutrients, allowing other supplements