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Global Herbs Old Age Formula

Global Herbs Veteran Plus formerly known as Old Age

Old Age is just like MuscleUp but is one of Global Herbs over night sensations.

Price: £24.21

Old Age is a specifically designed formula to support the aging process in your horse, help with suppleness, energy and general body condition.

This product helps support your horses immune system and helps feed and re3vitalize all the internal organs.

You will see your horse transformed in days. However Old Age is not just for old geriatrics but can be used on any horse that is need of helping hand.

Old Age supports your horses immune system and can help your horse with an old injury that might be causing concern to you.

Average horse: 2 scoops TWICE daily (1 scoop once or twice daily maintenance). Large horses: 3 scoops twice daily.
Small pony: 1 scoop twice daily.

Introduce gradually into the feed at first, building up to 2 level 25ml scoops TWICE DAILY per 500kg horse. Keep at this level for at least 4-6 weeks. Long term maintenance can be at this full level or approximately half of this level or less.
1 blue 25ml scoop in tub = 12g approximately.
1 level tablespoons = 10g approximately.
For old horses with no significant health concerns Old Age formula can be used at half the above level for routine prevention of the effects of ageing.