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Global Herbs Old Age Formula

Global Herbs Veteran Plus formerly known as Old Age

A dynamic combination of herb extracts maintaining peak condition in all horses and ponies over 16 years of age.

Price: £33.00

The 'Restore' and 'ImmuPlus herbs in this formula can make that difference;
owners get to see their horses in great condition again. VeteranPlus works on :Energy and Flexibility, Condition and Muscle strength, Brightness, Coat richness and demeanour.
The benefits are:

- Assist in correct utilisation of nutrients from feed ingested
- Facilitates correct flow of energy to muscles and joints
- Helps with integrity of gut lining and balance of gut microbes.
- Naturally enhances antioxidant profile

Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to
half this amount for maintenance levels. Veteran Plus can be fed throughout theyear.