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Dodson and Horrell Daily Vits and Mins

Dodson & Horrell Daily Vitamins and Minerals

Daily Vitamins and Minerals provides a complete range of vitamins and minerals to ensure your horse has a balance of the essential nutrients they need.

Price: £17.19

• Comprehensive supplement of vitamins and minerals
• Suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work
• Suitable for horses at grass who maintain their weight
• Contains D&H patented QLC antioxidants package
• Low in starch and sugar for those prone to laminitis

Daily Vitamins and Minerals are ideal for the leisure horse who is on light to medium work. Adding these to your horse's diet will help to top up any deficiencies without adding too many calories. These deficiencies may occur when a horse is out at grass and not receiving sufficient hard feed to provide them.

Ponies 30g per day
Horses 50g per day.
There is a scoop enclosed - one level scoop = approximately 50g.
The tub size is 1.5kg approximately 1 months supply.