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Topspec All-in-One Supplement

TopSpec All-in-One Supplement

All-in-One Supplement is fully comprehensive with added specialist supplements for digestion and hooves, promoting optimum health, condition and performance.

Price: £35.50

o Most comprehensive supplement on the market
o Contains specialist supplements for hooves and digestion
o Effective levels of Biotin plus other essential elements
o Two yeasts to promote a healthy environment in the gut
o Supports strong bones - effective levels of calcium and phosphorous
o Powerful antioxidants - vitamin E and selenium B vitamins for optimum energy metabolism
o Supports muscle repair and development
o Key vitamins and minerals for blood-building
o Balances the diet for complete nutrition
o Suitable for all horses and ponies
TopSpec All-in-One Supplement is designed to balance your horse's feed and improve food utilisation. It does this through the comprehensive range of key nutrients that balance your horse's feed and two added yeasts that create a healthy environment in the gut for optimal absorption of nutrients. This means you can feed less concentrated feed and more forage yet still provide your horse with the energy and nutrients they need. It also includes a selection of specialist supplements to offer key nutritional support for hooves, digestion. All of the supplements and nutrientsin the All-in-One supplement are also included in the TopSpec Comprehensive Balancer so the two should not be fed together to prevent over supplementation. Added powerful antioxidants, vitamins E and selenium, aid the immune system particularly during times of stress. These key antioxidants are also essential for horses and ponies on high oil diets, as the metabolism of oil creates free radicals in the body, which need to be controlled, as too many can cause tissue damage and destroy cell proteins. Antioxidants effectively remove and control free radicals to ensure a healthy horse from the inside out. Effective levels of Biotin have been included support healthy horn growth and strengthen hooves, along with other key nutrients including methionine, calcium, lysine, zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin A, to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat, giving your horse a winning shine from the inside out.