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Topspec Topchop Lite 15kg

TopSpec TopChop Lite

TopChop Lite is a natural product made from alfalfa, oat straw, a light dressing of linseed oil and real mint. TopChop Lite contains no added molasses.

Price: £15.78

- Low in sugar and starch
- Contains no molasses
- Non-heating
- Provides a natural source of anti-oxidants
- No preservatives or artificial additives
- Added mint and linseed oil improves palatability
- Use with TopSpec AntiLam to make an ideal complete feed
- Ideal for those prone and recovering from laminitis
- Suitable for horses and ponies that are good-doers or prone to weight gain

TopChop Lite is of similar nutritional value to average quality hay but contains less sugar. The composition and fine texture of this product make it ideal for horses and ponies prone to, being treated for, and recovering from laminitis. It is suitable for all horses and ponies and perfect for good-doers and others prone to weight gain.