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Global Herbs GlobalVite

Global Herbs GlobalVite

Highest spec. Vitamins and Minerals. Unbeatable for glorious coat colour and condition, joints, hooves and the whole body.

Price: £28.00

o Highest specification vitamins and minerals
o Chelated minerals for excellent absorption
o Balances feed intake - supporting health
o Promotes optimum condition and performance
o Aids skin, hoof and joint health
o Brings out the brightness in your horse's coat
o All-round nutritional support for all horses
o Suitable to feed throughout the year
o Ideal for older and younger horses
o Palatable and easy to feed powder

Global Herbs GlobalVite is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, suitable for all horses and ponies and particularly beneficial for horses that do not receive all the nutrients they require and lack lustre with a dull coat and overall poor condition. It contains the highest specification of vitamins and minerals, acting as the perfect 'balancer' to balance your horse's feed intake.The key nutrients support joint, skin and hoof health, as well as overall wellbeing and vitality. GlobalVite contains key vitamins for immune support, boosting your horse's natural defences against challenges in the environment and helping to promote good all-round health. It is made using chelated minerals, which are minerals that have been bound to proteins for optimum absorption. This allows your horse to absorb the minerals more effectively for optimal benefits. Research suggests that chelated minerals are the closest formof minerals to naturally found minerals in food sources. This high specification formula will benefit older horses and ponies, youngsters, leisurerides through to performance horses, supporting condition and performance. Horses naturally roam and graze vast areas of land and would have access to a wide selection of plants to source anything they lack in their diet, but domestication has significantly reduced this resource for horses and ponies. GlobalVite is a great way to provide your horse with all the nutrients they need on a daily basis to ensure they are not lacking an