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Global Herbs Iron Aid

Global Herbs Iron Aid

Iron Aid is a fast acting liquid for Equine red blood cells.

Price: £20.25

This product is a very unique form of Iron that can make a big difference to your horse's outlook on life. Iron is the important for red blood cells. This liquid is to be used when you think your horse might need an improvement in their diet and if the vet tells you more support could be useful.

Iron Aid is a highly effective supplement that s designed for horse's that need the best source of haemoglobin and red blood cells.

Stable ferrous iron is taken from a natural product which is found in rocks in mountainous regions. This organic mineral is given stability and the resultant product carefully standardised to provide an important new supplement.

Liquid feed 8ml per 100kg daily.

Normal gums and eyes.
Routine use where Iron is of concern.
After problems with viruses or worms.
Good performance.

Routine use for a 400kg horse feed 25ml daily, 15ml for smaller ponies. After you know things have improved use at maintenance level at half the above rates. You will see a difference in a few days if your horse needs extra support.

Complementary feeding material for horses.
Composition: Ferrous Iron and Organic Extracts.