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NAF Oestress 5 Star
NAF Oestress 5 Star
NAF Oestress 5 Star

NAF Oestress

NAF Oestress 5 Star is a supplement fed to Hormonal mares, helping to relieve the stresses and discomforts of their Oestrus cycle.

Price: From £33.50

• Naturally balances the mares Oestrus cycle
• Reduces discomforts and helps to balance hormones
• Provides Bio-available Magnesium
• Contains natural antioxidants to help flush out toxins in the system
• Can be fed all year round or specifically through spring and summer

NAF Oestress is a powdered supplement which can be fed to mares during spring and summer, to help alleviate the stresses associated with the Oestrus cycle. Mares can experience hormone imbalances and discomforts during their cycle, which will affect their performance and behaviour when being ridden. Oestress contains a blend of herbs to naturally support the mare during this time and alleviate discomfort, in turn encouraging the mare to work comfortably and concentrate. The natural antioxidants in Oestress flush out toxins within the body, promoting overall health and well being.

The Bio-available Magnesium is much more efficiently absorbed and used by your horse's body, providing support against anxiety and muscle tension. This in turn will allow the mare to relax, preventing the feeling of stress which leads to unwanted behaviour such as bucking or kicking.

Feed Oestress during the spring and summer, to improve your mare's diet and provide them with essential nutrition, helping her to relax. You can up the quantities according to your mare's Oestrus cycle. Oestress can also be fed all year round.

NOT recommended for pregnant mares.

Store Oestress in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and replace lid after use.