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Topspec Calmer

TopSpec Calmer

Calmer has been formulated with a multi-action approach to calming your horse, with beneficial nutrients to help relax horses with an anxious temperament.

Price: £31.50

o Nutritional support for a calmer outlook
o Reduces stress and anxiety
o Innovative combination of ingredients
o Contains B vitamins and Magnesium
o Added yeast to support digestion
o Also contains Tryptophan and Sepiolite
o Conforms to BETA, NOPS and UFAS
o Competition safe formulation
o Highly palatable caramel flavour
o Maximum effect seen in 3 weeks

TopSpec Calmer has been created with an innovative multi ingredient approach, using a combination of nutrients to support overall attitude for a more relaxed and calm approach to life. It is ideal for horses that are generally anxious and struggle to cope with stressful situations. If your horse gets tense and easily stressed in certain situations such as travelling, competing and clipping,then nutritional support can help to ease nerves and relax your horse so they can cope and react calmer to whatever they face. This product combines many approaches to calming your horse, not focusing on one ingredient but a combination. TopSpec Calmer contains a range of ingredients for their various calming effects including a pure protected yeast, MOS, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Tryptophan and Sepiolite Clay, which all play a different role in helping calm and relax your horse. These key ingredients also help to promote good digestive health, which can be compromised through stress, allowing your horse to get the best from their food, and the calmer, for optimum condition and performance. TopSpec Calmer is made from high quality natural ingredients but contains no herbs for optimum nutrition. It has a palatable caramel flavour and is super easy to feed - simply mix well into your horse's daily feed. It conforms to BETA, NOPS and UFAS within the HRA/FEI rules making it safe for competition use.