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Net-tex Calmer Syringe Paste Boost

Nettex Calmer Syringe Paste Boost

Calmer Syringe is a behavioural and travelling calmer to help reduce the stress and anxiety that your horses might have and also improve concentration.

Price: £5.30

This Calmer gives your horse a winning attitude without compromising your horses emotional balance and personality.

Some horses whatever their level of discipline can become nervous or agitated when it comes to travelling, having visits from the farrier or change of routine in their environment.

A horse that is excited or nervous can lose vital energy and if this happens they may become lethargic or less responsive to your commands when riding which can lead to a loss in performance.

This product contains Magnesium and a range of additives that may promote alert, relaxed or physical mental condition response. This will help promote relaxation but without causing too much drowsiness, improve learning and concentration.
Calmer Paste will heighten mental activity and reduce the stress and anxiety.
This fast working amino based formulation is very rapid and effects can be seen as soon as 30-40 minutes, depending on the situation. This Calmer is ideal use before travelling, clipping, farrier visits, fireworks and everyday stresses that might occur.

Directions for use.
Administer 1 hour prior to competition, travelling, clipping or farrier visits.Ponies up to 14.2 hands feed 20gm.
Horses up to 15 hands feed 25gm.
Large Horses over 16 hands (550kg+)feed 30gm.
Administer orally via syringe.
Safe to use on a daily basis.
For Equine use only.