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Allen and Page Poultry Grower
Allen and Page Poultry Grower
Allen & Page Poultry Grower

Small Holder Range Poultry Grower

Poultry Grower Pellets are available in 20kg and 5kg bags.

Price: From £5.18

• Feed to chicks from 6-8 weeks old
• Restrict the mix or add wheat to slow growth
• Drug Free
• Feed as a finisher or before layers pellets for laying birds

These Poultry Grower Pellets are a complete feed from Allen & Page. They have all the vital ingredients needed for healthy growth. You may need to restrict the mix or add wheat to slow the growth rate of the chicks. The pellets are drug free and contain Omega 3 oils. Poultry Grower pellets can be fed as a finisher for table birds or if the chicks are bred for laying then change over gradually to Layers Pellets from about 16 weeks.

Available in 20kg or 5kg bag

Oil 4.5%, Protein 16%, Fibre 5%
Feeding instructions
Allow free access to this feed unless growth rate is too fast. You may add wheat to slow the rate. Change over to any new feed gradually. This is a follow on feed from Baby Chick Crumbs, introduce by adding Poultry grower pellets to the crumbs to get the chicks used to them.

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein:
Crude Oils and Fats:
Crude Fibre:
Crude Ash:

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