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NAF Go Sound

NAF Go Sound

NAF Go Sound offers total comfort for your horse or pony, ideal for older horses or ponies and those needing extra support.

Price: £29.99

• Natural ingredients
• Maintains comfort in joints
• Ideal for older horses and ponies
• Safe for use in pregnant mares
• Can be used in competition

For total comfort when he really needs it, Go Sound is the natural way to maintain comfort in older horses or those needing additional support. Formulated using natural ingredients known for their comforting qualities, Go Sound is safe to compete on under FEI rules and can be fed to all horses and ponies, including pregnant mares.

Loading rate (3-7 days) - 60-100mls per day
Maintenance rate - 30mls per day
Low Maintenance rate - 20mls per day

Water, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Turmeric,Ginger, Dandelion leaves, Black pepper.