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Vetrofen Intense Sachets

Animalife Vetrofen Intense Sachet 3.5g

Vetrofen Intense Sachets are super fast acting and super strength to provide targeted comfort and recovery.

Price: £3.99

Back by rider demand: Animalife Vetrofen 3.5g sachets!

Effective, fast-acting and convenient; Animalife's Vetrofen Intense 3.5g sachets are ideal for keeping in the tack room.

Your first choice for keeping your horse sound, supple, happy and active, Vetrofen has a quick and long-lasting effect like no other. It has been scientifically formulated to offer support in dealing with intense activity or recovery from physical trauma, and is proven beneficial when administered both before and after a strenuous workout to aid comfort and recovery.

The range already consists of powder formulations available in two strengths; Vetrofen Healthy formula, for everyday value, and Vetrofen Intense formula, for super-fast-acting, super-strength support.