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Animalife Vetrofen Intense
Animalife Vetrofen Intense
Animalife Vetrofen Intense

Animalife Vetrofen Intense

Vetrofen Intense specifically targets joints and muscle to provide relief and help your horse stay sound.

Price: From £64.99

Stay sound with Vetrofen, targets joints & muscles...
Free from Devil s Claw, Safe to use with competition horses. If competing under FEI rules, the active compound in Devil s Claw, Harpagoside, has now been moved on to the FEI controlled medication list for 2016. Vetrofen, which contains no prohibited substances, offers a safe alternative to any Devils Claw products.
Vetrofen Intense is a SUPER FAST acting SUPER STRENGTH targeted supplement containing a completely natural antioxidant blend that targets comfort and recovery. Vetrofen Intense has been scientifically formulated to help horses and ponies when they require support in dealing with intense activity, the natural ageing process and recovery. Vetrofen Intense is free from banned substances and is safe to use with the performance horse.

Vetrofen is a completely natural, powerful antioxidant that s fast acting and safe, without side effects for both short-term and regular maintenance use.

Vetrofen may help inflammatory response from bruising in 3 hours, most effective after 6-12 hours.

Use before and after periods of physical stress or intense activity. Vetrofen has quick and lasting effect.