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SP Equine NoBute

SP Equine NoBute

NoBute is the original alternative to Bute without the side effects. It does not contain Phenylbutazone.

Price: £17.55

• Does not contain Phenylbutazone
• Comfort for joints
• Suitable for horses and ponies of all ages
• Water based
• Not to be fed to pregnant mares

NoBute is particularly useful for horses that have suffered from joint discomfort. Contains Devils Claw.
This product is water based so does not contain alcohol. It is an ideal supplement for those horses and ponies suffering from joint discomfort. It is an ideal alternative to Bute without the side effects.

99.9% moisture 0.1% protein 0.1% fat 0.1% ash 0.1% fibre
Suggested daily usage:
Horses and ponies up to 14.2hh use up to 20ml daily. repeat as necessary Horses over 14.2hh use up to 40ml daily. These are guidelines, intake levels may vary from one animal to another.