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Allen & Page Fast Fibre
Allen & Page Fast Fibre
Allen & Page Fast Fibre

Allen & Page Fast Fibre

Allen and Page Fast Fibre is a quick soaking high fibre feed ideal for many horses and ponies including those prone to Laminitis and good doers.

Price: £14.83

• Barley and molasses free
• Low in starch and sugar
• Suitable for Laminitis prone horse or ponies
• Suitable for good doers
• Good source of quality fibre, essential for gut health
• Quick soaking
• Can be used as a hay replacer

Allen and Page Fast fibre is a great feed to provide your horse with essential fibre for good gut health and general wellbeing. Fibre helps to ensure the gut environment is kept neutral and also gives your horse a good source of energy slow releasing energy as well as helping keep your horse warm. Fast fibre also contains Ceregest GL 2 a prebiotic great for ensuring gut health and taking care of your horses gut.
Once soaked Fast Fibre becomes a palatable mash for horse and ponies at rest or in light work; the mash form also makes it ideal for older horses or those who find it difficult to chew or eat hard feed. The barley and molasses free formula makes Fast Fibre suitable for horses with genuine barley or molasses intolerances. Fast fibre is naturally low in starch and sugar making it suitable for Laminitis prone horse or ponies and good doers with low energy requirements.

You can use Fast Fibre as a full or partial hay replacer, to ensure your horse or pony is receiving their essential helping of fibre.

Feeding instructions:
Ensure the feed is soaked before feeding. Soak using one part feed to two parts water. Follow feeding guidelines on reverse of bag.
Store your feed in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and rodents or any potential contaminate.