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Kevin Bacon Hoof Formula

Kevin Bacon Hoof Formula

Developed by specialists Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula supplement helps solve problems such as brittle hooves, sand cracks and hoof rings, for hoof health.

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o Easy to feed pelleted hoof supplement
o Developed by specialists
o Rich in highly digestible proteins
o Contains essential amino acids
o Promotes healthy horn growth
o Highly concentrated formula
o Helps improve coat and skin health
o Contains high levels of Biotin and Vitamin A
o Suitable all year round and particularly during moult
o Ideal for horses with skin, coat and hoof problems

Kevin Bacon Hoof Formula contains 37% essential proteins, which are highly digestible and rich in amino acids such as Methionine and Cystine needed for healthy horn growth. It has been tested scientifically and is thought to have the highest concentrated level of Biotin in all the hoof supplements on the market. Biotin plays an essential part in healthy Hoof growth and is necessary to achieve consistent improvement. Kevin Bacon Hoof Formula is an ideal supplement for your horse especially if your horses hooves are in need of some help to grow a healthy horn. It is particularly useful if their hooves are brittle or have cracks, helping to improve condition. It also promotes healthy skin and coat, ideal during times of moult or for horses and ponies with skin and coat concerns, providing essential nutrients to improve overall condition of your horse's skin and coat. Regular use at maintenance level throughout the year will help to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula also contains a unique and specific selection of minerals such as a high concentration of calcium to help correct possible imbalances, trace elements, copper and zinc, and vitamins, Biotin/ Vitamin H, Vitamin BC, VitaminPP, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A for general health and tissue formation. It is rich in essential amino acids and sulphur containing amino acids, methionine and cystine that help absorb and conserve calcium for strong tissue. Methionine builds sturdiness and resiliency