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Gold Label Biotin

Gold Label Biotin

Biotin supplement when added to a horses feed will help to grow healthy hooves it is a water soluble B vitamin.

Price: £11.83

Gold Label Biotin is a horse feed supplement in powder form that can be added to a horses feed and will help to build strong healthy keratin which is the main structural component of skin and nails. 15mg of Biotin is the minimum effective amount required by a horse, feeding 30g of Gold Label Biotin will provide this amount. This supplement should be fed for one to three months for improvement to be seen in horses with defective hooves. It can be fed continuously and will not only improve the hoof strength but also the skin and hair.

Ingredients:- Wheat Bran, Biotin.
Analysis:- Crude Oil 4.4%, Crude Protein 15.3%, Crude Fibre 5.8%, Crude Ash 3.4%, Calcium 745ppm, Phosphorus 6469ppm, Sodium 236ppm.

Feeding Instructions:-
Feed a horse or pony two measures per day (30g)