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Global Herbs FlyFree

Global Herbs FlyFree

Stop those flies with this herbal feed supplement FlyFree which works by giving your horses skin a protective shield that flies hate.

Price: From £13.75

A herbal feed supplement that is made from plant extracts which when they are digested pass through the skin lasting for days, unlike many sprays, and this then deters the flies.
FlyFree acts as a fly deterrent and also gives the horse a glossy coat.It can also help to keep your horses airways clear and soothe the eye and mouth membranes. It should be introduced gradually to your horse as it does have quite a strong smell and taste, most horses will soon get used to it and eat it happily in their feed.

FlyFree will give an all over body protection to your horse and is free from chemicals.

Feeding instructions:-
Average horse 500kg feed 2 scoops twice daily (1 scoop once or twice daily for maintenance.
Large Horses - feed 3 scoops twice daily
Ponies - feed 1 scoop twice daily

It is important to add to the feed gradually and increase to recommended amounts. This supplement can be fed throughout the year but may be best to feed only 6 days of the week. If you have a problem with your horse accepting the taste you may consider adding molasses, mint or fennel.