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Allen & Page Calm & Condition
Allen & Page Calm & Condition
Allen & Page Calm & Condition

Allen & Page Calm & Condition

Allen and Page Calm and Condition is a complete horse feed, that should be soaked, and is designed to help promote and maintain good condition.

Price: £18.58

• Barley free formula, for calmer conditioning and barley intolerances
• Added linseed and soya oil for a healthy coat and slow releasing energy
• Protexin for gut health and digestion
• Boosted vitamin and mineral levels
• High in fibre
• Quick soak - 10 minutes
• Free from animal products
• Made with premium quality ingredients

The barley free formula of Calm and Condition helps to promote calm behaviour and maintain good condition for those with barley intolerances or prone to becoming excitable when fed cereals. The added linseed and soya oils help to promote weight gain in a steady and controlled manor without fizzing up your horse.

Calm and Condition is a conditioning feed for horses and ponies that require condition. Calm and Condition's high fibre formulation helps with gut and digestive health, making sure your horse has plenty of essential fibre. Fibre helps to neutralise the stomach acidity and prevent a build-up of harmful acids in the stomach which can cause gastric ulcers and damage the stomach lining.
Calm and Condition also contains good levels of linseed and soya oil, great for achieving a healthy shine to your horse's coat as well as improving condition and promoting steady weight gain. Oils contain slower releasing energy in comparison to cereals such as oats, so help to encourage calmer more controlled behaviour.
Feeding Instructions
Always ensure you soak the feed first with two parts water to one part feed, the feed contains molasses free sugar beet which requires soaking before feeding; if fed dry sugar beet can cause choking or colic. Quick soak for 10 minutes. Follow the instructions on the reverse of the bag for feeding amounts.