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CoolStance Premium Copra Meal

Stance Equine Copra Meal

CoolStance is a completely natural feed made from the white flesh of the coconut and coconut oil, for a low starch and sugar that provides "cool energy".

Price: £22.95

• Good source of fibre from the coconut meal
• "cool energy" from coconut oil
• Successfully fed to horses for over 20 years
• Maintains natural digestive health
• Made from white part of coconut
• Low GI feed
• Balanced source of protein and energy
• Very palatable
• May be suitable for horses suffering from laminitis or cushings disease
• May help to avoid tying up, colic and EMS
• Can be fed dry or as a wet mash
• Readily available energy
• Less than 2% starch
• Low in NSC (nonstructural carbohydrates)

CoolStance is a unique horse feed made from the white part of the coconut, which has been dried, baked and ground up to create the fine texture of the feed. You can feed CoolStance dry as it comes or add water to create a palatable mash; the feed will absorb up to 3 times its own weight in water.

CoolStance is naturally low in NSC (nonstructural carbohydrates) and helps to maintain normal insulin metabolism and promote good digestive health. The coconut meal is a good source of fibre essential for gut health and the coconut oil provides readily digestible energy.

CoolStance supplies a balanced supply of protein and energy and can help to improve overall condition, hoof health and promote a shiny coat. It can also provide a beneficial part of the diet for horses or ponies suffering from laminitis or cushings disease and help to prevent disorders such as tying up, colic and EMS.