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Spillers Conditioning Fibre

Spillers Conditioning Fibre

Spillers Conditioning Fibre is a special blend of chopped alfalfa, quality straw and pellets, with added soya oil to aid condition.

Price: £15.69

o Blend of natural fibres - quality alfalfa and straw
o Formulated to promote condition without excitability
o Quality protein for muscle tone and top line
o Soya oil for non-heating condition
o Broad spectrum vitamins and minerals
o Extends chewing time and adds bulk - longer lasting feed
o Can be fed as main compound feed or alongside mixes and cubes
o Ideal for horses and ponies requiring extra condition and coat shine

Spillers Conditioning Fibre is made from a blend of British Grown alfalfa and high quality chopped straw with added soya oil, vitamins and minerals, combined to make a quality fibre feed that aids condition. Fibre is essential for digestive health, providing extended chewing time, which produces saliva to help neutralise stomach acid for overall digestive comfort. The digestion of fibre actually generates heat, which is ideal for cold winter months when horses that strugle to maintain condition would benefit from the extra fibre to help them stay warm. This high fibre feed is balanced with all key vitamins and minerals to support all key body functions for overall health. The blend of chopped fibre with pellets creates an interesting and palatable conditioning feed. It can be fed on its own at the recommended levels to ensure your horse is getting all the nutrition they need, or added to mixes and cubes to add bulk and aid condition. Added soya oil provides slow releasing energy, promoting overall condition without making your horse excitable. Soya oil also aids in skin health and gives your horse a glossy coat that is full of vitality. Spillers Conditioning Fibre is ideal for horses and ponies that struggle to maintain condition, providing additional energy, nutrients and fibre to promote good all-round condition and overall health. It also contains high quality protein, which is essential for muscle tone and topline. Adding Spillers Conditioning Fibre to your horse's feed will extend chewing time and prolong feeding times for a more natural feeding approach.