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TopSpec Topchop Grass 15kg

TopSpec Top Chop Grass

TopChop Grass is a soft and natural product made from a blend of specially selected, dried British grasses with a light dressing of linseed oil.

Price: £18.28

- Very palatable, soft grass chop
- A high-temperature-dried, blend of British grasses
- Lightly coated with linseed oil
- Does not contain alfalfa
- Contains no molasses or any other sugar coating
- Contains no preservatives or artificial additives or colourings
- Can be used as a hay replacer
- Suitable for all horses and ponies except those prone to laminitis and that need to lose weight
- Ideal for elderly horses and those with dental issues

It is ideal for horses and ponies needing a soft, very palatable chop, perfect for fussy feeders including fit performance horses and elderly horses. TopChop Grass can be used as a hay replacer, especially for elderly horses struggling to maintain condition as a result of poor dentition reducing their ability to chew hay/haylage.