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Dermoline Sweet Itch Lotion

Dermoline Sweet Itch Lotion

An oily lotion for application to the mane and tail of horses as an aid in the prevention of sweet itch.

Price: £18.72

Dermoline is a UK authorised veterinary medicinal product AVM-GSL for prevention of the condition sweet itch. Dermoline Sweet Itch lotion is an Insecticidal lotion for the relief of irritation caused by sweet itch and also a prevention against occurrence.

Application of Dermoline sweet itch lotion should be started in advance of the season when the midge responsible for sweet itch, Culicoides becomes active. This normally occurs around April. Horses are rarely sensitive to Dermoline sweet itch lotion but a small patch test 24 hours prior to first proper usage would be recommended. It should then be applied liberally to the horses mane and tail with a soft brush. Ensure good application by parting the mane and tail and brushing the lotion directly onto the skin. After the initial application, a smaller amount of the lotion should be applied once or twice a day to control the irritation and prevent the condition throughout the spring summer and autumn. A heavy application should again be applied if the affected areas of the
horse is shampooed. Rubber gloves should be worn when applying Dermoline Sweet Itch lotion.

Contains active ingredients; Piperonyl Butoxide (100%) 0.5% v/v added as Pioeronyl Butoxide Pyrethrum Extract 0.4% v/v.