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Nikwax Rug Proof

Nikwax Rug Proof

Nikwax Rug proof is an easy to use high performing rug proofer that can simply be washed-in via a washing machine or hand washing,restoring water repelency.

Price: £10.92

o High performing rug proofer
o Safe and easy to use
o Restores water repellency
o Machine wash or hand wash
o Can be applied directly onto clean, wet rugs
o No propellant gases or fluorocarbons
o Non-persistent and environmentally safe
o Not tested on animals
o Suitable for canvas, synthetic and cotton rugs
o Can be used on lined and unlined rugs
Nikwax Rug Proof is a high performing re-proofer for canvas, cotton and synthetic animals rugs and blankets, suitable for both lined or unlined. It is easy to use in a simple wash-in formula that can be used in a washing machine or hand-washed in, for instant reproofing. The high quality ingredients that make the water-based re-proofer are environmentally safe, with no propellant gases or fluuorocarbons, and a non-persistent formulation to ensure it is safe to use around animals and humans, yet is still highly effective. Nikwax Rug Proof is not tested on animals. It is very important to maintain the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of any rugs for your animals to ensure they offer the necessary levels of protection from the elements. Breathability of outer garments is also essential, as a rug that does not breath will cause condensation to form under the rug. Mild and wet environments are the most likely conditions to cause your horse to sweat and become wet and clammy under their rug, and a horse left in a clammy rug for any length of time is likely toexperience irritation and rubbing. A wet rug that is absorbing water instead ofrepelling it, loses up to 70% of its breathability. Nikwax Rug Proof maintains the breathability of outerwear, whilst restoring water repellency, ensuring therug still allows water vapour within the rug to evaporate. Cleaning your horse or dog's rugs is just as important as reproofing them. Dirt can affect the water repellency of rugs and outer garments, so regular cleaning after the rug gets dirty will enhance the water repelency

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