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Nikwax Rug Wash

Nikwax Rug Wash

Wash in cleaner for horse rugs and blankets. Nikwax Rug Wash cleans safely whilst revitalising insulation and water repellency.

Price: £9.76

• Vegetable based soap cleaner
• Suitable for rugs with breathable linings
• Recommended by Rambo rugs
• Will not strip water repellent finishes

This Rug Wash can be used in a washing machine or for hand washing. It is an easy to use vegetable based soap cleaner. Horse blankets or rugs with Gore-Tex, Sympa Tex and Rambo Rugs recommend it. The cleaner can be used neat on stubborn stains prior to washing. The manufacturers suggest that you should Reproof your rugs annually with Nikwax Rug Proof, there is no need to dry your rug after washing before using the Rug Proof follow the Rug Proof instructions.

Instructions for use:- Machine Washing
1. Remove all detergent build up from the detergent dispenser.
2. Place 1 item in washing machine (maximum 1 rug per load).
3. Ensure washing machine is large enough to allow freedom of movement for rug in drum.
4. Use 150ml per rug.
5. Wash according to the care label. Choose a cycle that will allow the rug to rinse thoroughly.
Hand Wash
1. Spread rug on clean area and wet thoroughly with a hose.
2. Dilute 1 part Rug Wash with 2 parts hot water.
3. Use brush to scrub the solution into the fabric paying attention to the dirty areas.
4. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.
Air dry or tumble dry on low setting if care label allows.