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Eazitools Rag-Fork
Eazitools Rag-Fork
Eazitools Rag-Fork
Eazitools Rag-Fork

Eazitools Rag-Fork

The Rag-Fork is an innovative easy to use tool with unique shaped tines that remove Ragwort by the root even in hard soils, for effective Ragwort management.

Price: £28.80

- Ragwort removing tool
- Innovative and durable design
- Uniquely shaped tines - efficiently removes the whole root
- Works even in hard soils
- Double cranked shaft
- Heel roll fulcrum for leverage
- Helps to reduce strain on your back
- Removes rosettes and mature plants
- British Horse Society Approved
- Made in the UK
- Ideal for use around paddocks, farmland and gardens

The Rag-Fork is an innovative tool specially designed for successful removal of Ragwort, from rosette stage through to mature plants. It is important to remove the roots of the Ragwort plant to prevent regrowth and the uniquely shaped tines of the RagFork are designed to do just that. They are strong and have a specific shape that cups the roots removing the whole root ball for significantly more effective removal. The RagFork also has a double cranked shaft with a heel roll fulcrum for excellent leverage. This revolutionary tool makes removing Ragwort noticeably easier and is far more efficient than using a traditional gardening fork.

This unique tool from the Eazitools Collection is approved by the British Horse Society and is proudly made in the UK, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship and materials for a strong, durable and high performing tool. The strong design works even in hard soils and the versatile Rag Fork is not only very efficient at removing Ragwort but can be used to remove many other common weeds including Docks and Thistles, so can be used as a weed remover for general gardening too. Aan innovative versatile tool that can be used not only around paddocks and grazing land but in your garden too, for effective weed removal.