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Red Gorilla 30cm Broom Set

Red Gorilla 30cm Broom Head and Handle Set

The Red Gorilla 30cm Complete Broom Set is available in a range of the colours to match your other Red Gorilla products.

Price: £20.95

• Strong and lightweight
• Scraper blade on broom head
• Doesn't soak up liquid
• Anti-clog channel
• Colour match design
• Easy to use and efficient

The 30cm Complete Gorilla Broom is designed to make your job easier. Built with unique features such as an integrated scraper blade, making removing stuck bits even easier as well as; an anti-clog channel which cuts down flying dust for a clean sweeping action. The brooms extra-wide head means you can shift more with minimal effort. Performs well in a wet environment, as the non-porous polymer head and bristles soak 0% fluid.

Width: 16cm
Length: 147cm
Head: 30cm