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Leovet Silver Salve

Leovet Silver Salve

Leovet Silver Salve provides specialist care for the skin to prevent infection of minor skin complaints and aid healing.

Price: £10.50

• Contains pure silver which releases silver ions
• Silver provides natural antiseptic qualities
• High quality plant oils provide essential moisture
• Helps to protect against bacteria
• Supports skin healing and regeneration
• Can be used with Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray

Leovet Silver salve contains pure silver which naturally releases silver ions by way of an enlarged surface area. The silver has an antiseptic effect which promotes healing and protects from infection allowing the skin to calm and regenerate.

It also contains essential plant oils that provide moisture to dry and cracked skin. Can be used to help the support the pastern against moisture and bacteria. Silver Salve can be used in conjunction with Leovet Zinc Oxide Spray.