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Robinsons Animalintex

Robinsons Animalintex

The multipurpose poultice and wound dressing.

Price: £6.89

Animalintex is a highly absorbent, multi layered dressing impregnated with mild antiseptic and a poulticing agent. It is world renowned for its effectiveness and ease of use against a broad range of common equine conditions.

The natural poulticing agent Tragacanth, is activated by water and helps draw out infected wounds whilst a mild antiseptic then minimises infection and promotes healing.

As one of the most versatile horse care products, Animalintex can be applied either as a wet hot or cold poultice or a dry dressing, depending on the needs of the particular situation.

Applied as a hot wet poultice (around 38 degrees C), Animalintex acts to increase blood supply to the infected area providing more oxygen and infection fighting white blood cells. The improved blood and lymph flow promotes re-absorption of blood and fluids from the damaged tissue at the same time the warmth help
s to relieve the pain providing greater comfort for the horse.

Cold wet poulticing is recommended for bruises, strains, sprains including conditions such as sore shins, capped hocks, splints and laminitis. The dressing can be refrigerated before application where necessary.

Used as a dry dressing Animalintex can be used for pressure padding after strenuous exercise to prevent or relieve inflammation, or it can be applied directly to a wound as a absorbent low adherent dry dressing.