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Robinsons Equiwrap

Robinsons Equiwrap

Battles Equiwrap is a quality stretch cohesive bandage that supports and protects and is also ideal for holding dressings in place.

Price: £1.85

• Provides support and protection
• Holds dressings securely in place
• Cohesive and stretchy
• Lightweight and flexible - ideal for awkward contours
• Available in a range of different colours

Battles Equiwrap is a stretchy cohesive bandage with a range of uses. You can use Equiwrap to hold dressings securely in place; with a stretched length of 4.5m you can easily bandage the awkward and hard to reach areas.

Equiwrap has great flexibility, is lightweight and easy to use, ideal for support and protection, particularly beneficial for sprains and strains. The wrap efficiently sticks to itself, making it easy to apply and stays in place.

Width 10cm, Length 4.5m (stretched)