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Carr Day And Martin Protection Plus

Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus

Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus is an antibacterial horse salve formulated to protect and provide a waterproof barrier over vulnerable areas.

Price: £12.25

• Natural anti-bacterial pink salve
• Creates a waterproof barrier
• Helps to protect vulnerable areas
• Contains Citronella to help deter insects
• Protects from contaminants and aids healing
• Barrier against mud fever & sweet itch
• Can be used as a preventative measure
• Treatment for minor cuts and grazes

This product is a thick pink salve that can be used to protect small cuts and wounds from wet and muddy conditions. Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus contains an antibacterial agent and it also contains Citronella, which will help to deter insects from a wound allowing it to heal and not get infected.

Protection Plus creates a waterproof barrier that helps to keep out contaminants in wet and muddy conditions, protecting vulnerable areas of skin. It is effective against mud fever and sweet itch, helping to protect the delicate area by creating a barrier and working as a preventative measure.

This multi-purpose pink salve is an effective treatment for minor cuts and grazes, as well as many common skin conditions including mud fever and sweet itch. It soothes and aids healing whilst also protecting the vulnerable areas from infection.

Ingredients: Oil of Citronella, Antibacterial Agent, Petroleum Jelly.

Instructions for use:

Before application the area to be treated should be clean. Apply the salve liberally and evenly. Reapply daily before exposure to wet or muddy conditions.

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