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Lincoln Sheath Cleaner

Lincoln Sheath Cleaner

An effective cleaning product specifically designed for geldings and stallions, helping to prevent the build-up of smegma for good overall hygiene.

Price: £17.38

• Ready to use
• No need to rinse
• Easily removes smegma
• Cleans the male parts of stallions and geldings
• Convenient spray bottle

This spray bottle of Sheath Cleaner from the Lincoln range of products is formulated to clean the male parts of stallions and geldings. It will effectively clean off smegma that builds up on the horse's sheath, helping to promote good overall hygiene. It is ready to use and does not need to be rinsed off making it very convenient. The Lincoln Sheath Cleaner is a handy product to keep in your tack room when owning geldings or stallions, ensuring good overall hygiene to prevent the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria.