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Cowboy Magic Yellow Out Shampoo

Cowboy Magic Yellow Out Shampoo

Cowboy Magic Yellow Out Shampoo helps to lift and remove those stubborn yellow stains and all hair colours, leaving the hair clean, soft and nourished.

Price: From £12.04

• Stain removing and whitening shampoo
• Cosmetic grade - suitable for people too!
• Suitable for all hair colours
• Helps to lift and remove yellow stains
• Rich concentrated formula
• Brightens hair and restores moisture
• Easy to use - great results
• Leaves hair with a glossy shine Ideal for all horses

Cowboy Magic Yellow Out Shampoo has a great smell and is suitable for use on both horses and people. It effectively removes and lifts yellow stains from the coat and is suitable for all hair colours including black, grey/white, chestnut, bay, brown, roan and palamino. This carefully formulated shampoo helps to restore moisture in dull and lack lustre hair, leaving it soft and healthy with a brilliant shine. It is cosmetic grade so riders can use it too and the stain lifting ingredients help to brighten hair colour and leave it full of life and beautifully vibrant.

This concentrated formula is easy to use and lifts yellow stains to leave the hair clean and nourished. Some stains may be permanent as nature can stain the hair over time. You can try a simple test to see whether the stain is permanent - soak stained hair in a solution of 50/50 vinegar and warm to hot water for two to three minutes. If the stain does not lift at all then it is permanent.

You can help to prevent and minimise staining by reapplying Yellow Out Shampoo as per directions for use, and use in conjunction with the Greenspot Stain Remover. If the stain does not lift at all even after reapplication of Yellow Out then it is permanent.