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Sheath Cleaner

Barrier Sheath Cleanser

Sheath Cleanser will clean the build up of smegma on the horses sheath.

Price: £12.83

• Softens Smegma
• Contains lanolin
• Vegetable surfactants
• Non-toxic and non-irritating

This cleanser contains mild vegetable surfactants and includes lanolin which will gently soften the build up of smegma on the inside of the horses sheath without removing the horses own natural bacteria. Sheath Cleanser is non-toxic and non-irritating but care should be taken in its use as the smegma can be very sharp. Sheath Cleanser comes in an easy to use bottle with flip up lid and is free from all prohibited substances under FEI and HRA rules.

Directions for use:
Apply directly to the inside of the sheath, you may find it easier to use immediately after urinating. The cleanser should be used at regular intervals to help to avoid a build up of smegma. Care should be taken in its removal as the smegma can be very sharp and could damage the skin and then cause an infection.