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Baileys Outshine

Baileys Outshine

Baileys Outshine is a concentrated oil supplement that offers all the benefits of feeding oil, promoting condition, stamina and recovery.

Price: £54.38

o Concentrated high oil supplement
o Calorie dense - promotes exceptional condition
o Balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
o Low starch - non-heating formula
o Added antioxidants for immune support
o Digest Plus Pre-biotic and essential fibres
o Natural flavour enhancers - high palatability
o Slow releasing energy for controlled behaviour
o Supports condition, stamina and recovery
o Suitable for horses at rest, light, medium and hard work
o Ideal for weight gain, endurance, showing, breeding and more
This concentrated high oil supplement from Baileys is calorie dense and rich in key nutrients to promote condition and coat shine. It provides a great way of adding extra calories and slow releasing energy to your horse's diet without having to add vast quantities of food. Outshine is made with a combination of soya, which is rich in omega 6 and linseed oil rich in omega 3, in optimum quantities to provide the correct balance of both omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Baileys Outshine also contains essential fibres and Digest Plus Pre-biotic - a digestive aid to promote healthy digestion and support the optimal utilisation of food. There are added antioxidants vitamin E and C, to support the immune system. The metabolism of oil produces free radicals so extra antioxidants are essential to ensure these are removed effectively. It contains added selenium and zinc, which are also essential for the efficient use of oil.. Baileys Outshine is ideal for promoting stamina, performance, exceptional coat shine and overall condition. It can be fed to horses and ponies whether at rest or in hard work. Outshine provides slow releasing energy without the high starch content found in mixes and cubes. Its low starch, non-heating formula promotes more controlled and relaxed behaviour whilst supporting superb condition, stamina and recovery. Baileys Outshine is UFAS, NOPS and BETA approved and contains natural flavour enhancers for excellent palatability.