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NAF Laminaze 5 Star

NAF Laminaze 5 Star

This is an improved supplement from NAF which has been tried and tested and should be fed to horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis.

Price: £32.99

Laminaze Five Star is unique in its blend of antioxidants that will help to get rid of the unwanted toxins that may build up in a horse or pony that is prone to laminitis. It will also aid in hoof strength and general well being. Keeping a laminitis prone horse or pony on the correct diet with sufficient exercise and careful hoof management is vitally important. Signs of laminitis can be a cresty neck or fat pads around the top of the tail and these horses and ponies are usually prone to being overweight. Research has shown that an upset in the horses gut can trigger laminitis so it is vital to keep his gut healthy.

MSM is an ingredient of this supplement which has been shown to support healthy hoof growth and Magnesium is also recommended where excess fat is seen on the horse/pony.

NAF 5 Star Laminaze should be fed at the beginning of the grass growing season as part of a high fibre low concentrate diet and new lush grass or sweet feed should be avoided.

Feeding instructions - Feed before the onset of spring grass growth for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. It may be fed all year round where history dictates.
Horses and ponies should be fed 50-75g per day = 2-3 scoops in the loading period and then daily 25-50g per day = 1-2 scoops.

Maintenance level may be adjusted depending on the individual rather than body size of horse or pony.

It is best to add this supplement to the last evening feed as it will be absorbed better when a horse is resting.

1.5kg fed at 25g per day will last 60 days.