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HyHealth Sportwrap

Hy HEALTH Sportwrap

Sportwrap is a very useful flexible bandage to support and protect from the HYhealth range of products.

Price: £1.44

• Flexible
• Strong
• Supports and protects
• Available in a variety of colours
• Sticks to itself
• Easy to tear
• Contains natural rubber

This Sportwrap from the HYhealth range of products acts like a bandage tape and will hold a bandage in place supporting and protecting your horses legs. Easily torn off at the correct length making them easy to use.
Sportwrap should NOT be used on open wounds.
It is important that the bandage should not be applied too tightly, and without tension.
This bandage does contain natural rubber which may cause an allergic reaction for the user.

10cm width stretches to 4.5m
10cm width loose 2.0m